Broken (ver. 2)

Lindsey Haun

Tom: A#

Am                 C                          F 
Wake up to a sunny day, not a cloud up in the sky 
And then it starts to rain 
C                   F                            Am 
My defenses hit the ground and they shatter all around 
So open and exposed 
G       Bm              A 
I found strength in the struggles 
G       Bm           A        C 
Face to face with my troubles 
F2 Gsus Am7 When you're broken in a million little pieces F2 Gsus Am7 And you're tryin' but you can't hold on anymore F2 Gsus Am7 Every tear falls down for a reason C Am7 Don't you stop believin' in yourself F2 Gsus When you're broken
vs2 Am C Little girl don't be so blue F I knowk what you're goin' through Am Don't let it beat you up C F Heaven knows that getting scars Am Only makes you who you are C Only makes you who you are Chorus then bridge Bm A Better days are gonna find you once again Bm A D C Every piece will find it's place Chorus (this is just how I played's not authentic)

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