I'll Never Do Better Than You

George Canyon

Tom: D
**Capo One** 
Intro:  D  G (x2) 
D                  G                 D    G 
Someday I'm gonna drive me a faster car 
D                   G                   D    G 
Park in front of a house with a bigger yard 
A         Bbaug     Bm                      A 
I'm gonna break my back, I'm gonna bust my tail 
       Bbaug  Bm                   E7             G   A 
Taking everything another notch upscale, I won't fail 
D Bm Em But I'll never, ever do better than you A When it comes to your love baby D Bm A I've already done the best I can do G It's so true G A D G<--(not in chorus 2) I'll never, ever do better than you
D G D G One day I'm gonna hit a little bigger lick D G D G And I'll bring you home an even bigger check A Bbaug Bm A One more and fortune's gonna smile on me Bbaug Bm E7 G A I'm gonna go even higher than I aim to be, wait and see CHORUS Instrumental: A Bm A G E7 G A CHORUS Outro: D G (repeats to end)

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