Good Time Charlie

Devendra Banhart

Tom: F
Intro: F  G 

 F         G               C 
Every look begins with a disguise 
 G/B        Am 
I saw it in your eyes 
 F                 G 
Me, I've worn them all 
 F                    G 
Mostly been a bathroom stall 
 F             G 
An out-of-work blow-up doll 
 F                 G 
A memory you can't recall 
 F             G 
Or nobody there at all 

  A                A7 
The desert dreams of oceans 
 Dm        C          G 
She will never ever know 
 C        C/B              F  G 
Give it a million years or so 

 F  G             F  G 
      La, la, la.      La 
 F  G             F  G 
      La, la, la.      La 

 F         G 
Me and my policeman 
 C G/B        Am 
Pulling over everyone we can 
 F                    G 
Sometimes I breathalyze 
 F                 G 
And he gives the DUIs 
 F                      G 
Asked myself once or twice 
 F                            G 
Is it love or just blood in his eyes? 

   A               A7 
Devil dreams of paid vacation 
 Dm        C        G 
Letting the old man win 
 C        C/B                F     G                 C 
But it's too easy to make man sin           the end. 

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