Too Lazy To Work too Nervous To Steal


Tom: A
Well I met you in the middle of a bar room fight in a cheap motel on the Missouri side  
I had you out in my car in the parking lot 
Early next morning we were driving east headed for the big city where I felt at least 
         E                                      A 
We could enjoy the weather as long as we didn?t talk  
Well I spoiled it my speaking my swirling head  
And your grown up eyes turned to me and said  
D There?s only one thing you got wrong with you F#m It ain?t the whole world looking at you E Why don?t you find yourself a life that?s real A Too lazy to work, too nervous to steal
Well we got to the city and you got a job delivering the LL Bean Catalog I was bored and restless, didn?t know where to go Now late one evening after I got up, my guitar and I found my way to a club I saw that queen of diamonds work that big dance floor Well she looked at me but I couldn?t go That familiar face said do you wanna know Chorus Bridge: B A You gave me 24 hours to pack up my bags and glide F#m E No one?s got respect for a man going over the side Well you went back to the station to make sure I was gone, That bus was on time you didn?t have to wait long I saw the bright lights of Nashville disappear behind me Well that greyhound was cool after the summer heat, I could still see your face from my window seat I was so happy to see your crooked smile of relief But after miles and miles of that highway?s drone I hear the last thing you said when we were all alone Chorus

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