Aly & AJ

Tom: C
Tuning: Standard EADGBe 

Chords used: 
C -  x32010 
D -  xx0232 
G -  320033 
Am - x02210 
Verse 1: C D Am Everybody\'s trying to get to me C G Am Every guy is out for the kill C D Am I\'m the type of girl worth pursuing C G Am But I won\'t be caught standing still No, I won\'t Refrain 1: C D Am You\'re throwing all of your attention on me C G Am Take your best shot I bet you\'ll miss C D Am You got me interested enough to stand closer C G Am Am--Am--Am Maybe try a little kiss
C D You hit the bullseye baby Am (You hit the bullseye baby) C D Now I\'m into you crazy Am (You know you hit the mark) C D Don\'t know how you got me started Am (I\'m not an easy target) C(hold)-D(hold) HIT IT! Am(hold) C(hold)-G(hold) You hit the bullseye Am You hit my heart
Interlude: C-D-Am (x2), \'If you know its lead part, email me\' Verse 2: C D Am I\'m surprised the way you affect me C G Am Like an arrow penetrating my heart C D Am Naturally you seem to just get me C G Am So obviously you\'re pretty smart HA HA HA! Refrain 2: C D Am I like the way you\'re all dressed up, messed up C G Am I like the way you don\'t care C D Am I wasn\'t certain that you\'d ring my bell but C G Am Am--Am--Am Then you whispered in my ear (Repeat Chorus) Bridge: C-D-Am C G Am You hit my heart C-D-Am You didn\'t ask me for my number?, wait C-D-Am you didn\'t ask me for my number? C D Am I like the fact that you didn\'t ask that C D Am Cause you already got my number, huh?
Lead Part: 
(Repeat Chorus) Outro: C D You hit the bullseye Am yeah, yeah, yeah C D You hit the bullseye Am yeah, yeah, yeah C D You hit the bullseye Am C(hold)-D(hold) yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Am(hold) You hit my heart

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